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Rogue Engineering Adjustable Rear Toe Arms for 2007-12 BMW M3

Increase tire wear and improve handling with this Rogue Engineering Adjustable Rear Toe Arms!

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Rogue Engineering is proud to introduce there E82/E9X adjustable rear toe arms. These arms allow for greater toe adjustment for vehicles that are lowered on coilovers. When an E82/E9X is lowered beyond the limits of just lowering springs, the rear wheels toe-in excessively. This excessive rear toe can cause increased tire wear. With these Rogue Engineering adjustable rear toe arms fixes this problem, not only saving your tire life but improving handling characteristics as well.


  • BMW E9X 3-Series + M3
  • BMW E82 1-Series + 1M

Rogue Engineering Rear Toe Arm Benefits

  • Increase tire life by fixing extreme toe-in when lowered on coilovers
  • Improved handling characteristics and road feel
  • Rear plants firmer to the ground in cornering and under heavy acceleration
Weight 25 lbs
Dimensions 10 x 15 x 15 in